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Temporary exhibition at the Lutetia Paris – “Gainsbourg – Toujours –”

September 14, 2023

Temporary exhibition “Gainsbourg – Toujours – ” – from 20th September to 20th December, 2023 – open from Thursday to Saturday, 6:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m

Organized in partnership with Carré Rive Gauche, this unique exhibition celebrates the opening of the Maison Gainsbourg, paying tribute to French artist icon Serge Gainsbourg. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore his varied artistic influences and grasp the legacy he left, deeply rooted in the musical and cultural landscape of the 20th century.

Special attention will be paid to Jane Birkin, who passed away on 16th July,  2023. Mythical photographic works by Jean-Jacques Bernier in the 80s of the legendary couple “Jane and Serge” in their rue de Verneuil apartment by Jean-Claude Deutsch to older prints by Claude Azoulay. Through these works, visitors will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating story of Serge Gainsbourg, from his humble beginnings to his consecration as one of the greatest figures of French singer.

To complement the works on display at Bar Aristide, an exciting contemporary art trail will unfold along the Left Bank, offering a unique space for artistic exploration. Les Antiquaires et galerie d’art Carré Rive Gauche will play a central role, presenting photographs of Serge Gainsbourg and exhibiting objects and works of art that will delight collectors, enthusiasts and the curious.

Andrew Birkin:
« Serge entertained Jane, Régine and others with his wonderful twisted sense of humour at a luncheon for the opening of Régine’s new nightclub in Deauville. Nana shares Serge’s Spartan bed in Normandy. He felt that their profiles were flattering to each other. »

Jean-Jacques Bernier:
« C’était sa période « Gainsbarre ». Nous deux, pas de maquilleuse, lumière crue, j’ai rencontré « Gainsbourg ». Passionné par l’image tout comme moi, nous avons partagé cette séance avec le même enthousiasme. A la fin, très pro, il brandissait encore et encore le tricolore, à la recherche de la perfection. Très sensible, il « sentait » l’image, son image ».

Jean-Claude Deutsch:
« Dès mon arrivée chez lui, rue de Verneuil, Serge Gainsbourg m’a proposé un double Pastis !! J’ai compris dès le premier regard qu’il était prêt à se dévoiler au travers de mon objectif et la complicité qui s’est installée m’a permis de révéler son personnage de la manière la plus authentique. »

2 exhibition venues on the Left Bank :

– Rive Gauche: Lutetia Paris, Bar Aristide – 20th September, 2023
– Carré Rive Gauche: Antiquaires et galerie d’art Carré Rive Gauche – rue du Bac, rue de Beaune, rue de Lille, rue des Saints-Pères, rue de l’Université, rue de Verneuil, and quai Voltaire – 19th to 29th September, 2023

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