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Lutetia Paris’ charming mascot, Lulu

October 11, 2023

Lutetia Paris’ charming mascot, Lulu

“We are thrilled to introduce Lulu, our charming chocolate mascot, to the world” said Jean-Pierre Trevisan, General Manager of Lutetia Paris, when the hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Guercio started to create an extraordinary chocolate trompe l’oeil honoring the hotel’s mascot Lulu.

Lulu’s story is one of heartwarming friendship and the power of connection. A citizen from the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, Madame Paulette, discovered Lulu as a stray puppy on the streets of Paris in the early 90’s. With her compassionate nature and love for animals, Madame Paulette took Lulu under her wing, and the duo formed an unbreakable bond famous for strolling along the Boulevard Raspail and Rue de Sèvres.

One day, one of the hotel’s doormen, dog owner and lover himself, happened to catch sight of Lulu, and upon leaning down to greet him, produced a dog treat from his coat pocket. From that day onwards, Lulu, who had a gently determined nature, insisted that her fashionable owner let her visit the hotel every morning on the way to the Boucicaut square, and occasionally on the way home too. Soon enough, Lulu and her owner were frequent visitors inside the hotel as well, where Lulu charmed guests and staff alike, quietly becoming as important to the hotel as its other fabled visitors.

Today, Lulu has become the Lutetia Paris’ beloved mascot which, according to Jean-Pierre Trevisan, “represents the unique and beautiful bond between pets and their owners, reminding us all the importance of bringing joy and warmth to the community.”

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