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Introducing Nicolas Guercio, Executive Pastry Chef at Lutetia Paris

May 23, 2023

Nicolas Guercio has dreamed of pastry making since childhood, a vocation that would become reality a few years later.

After studying cooking, he decided to turn to pastry making, and began his apprenticeship at the Ritz Paris where he discovered the rigor of palace desserts alongside Pastry Chef Eddie Benghanem.

This was soon followed by a series of trips to gain international experience. First in London, where he became Sous-Chef Pâtissier for the Hakkasan group, known for its many starred restaurants. Then, at the North Island, a very private resort in the Seychelles, he was entrusted with the position of Pastry Chef, and finally, he moved to Tokyo, where he took part in the opening of one of the Dalloyau catering boutiques in Japan.

A globetrotter in search of challenges, Nicolas expatriated for 7 years to Saint Petersburg in Russia as Pastry Chef for various restaurants and renowned groups.
There, he was in charge of opening 4 pastry stores as well as creating the sweet menu of the most prestigious luxury grocery store in the city.

Just before joining the Lutetia, Nicolas spent 3 years at the famous culinary school Ferrandi, as a pastry instructor for the international program.

Today, Nicolas is the Executive Pastry Chef at Lutetia Paris, and expresses himself fully through his creations, both gourmet and creative. Passionate about his art, he is a fervent ambassador of it. Chocolate making, confectionery, pastries, cookies and ice cream are all skills that Nicolas and his teams have mastered to perfection and have put to good use at the Lutetia.

Since his arrival, Nicolas has never ceased to amaze with his dizzying sculptures in pulled sugar, trompe l’oeil Christmas logs, and creations that are as tasty as they are unexpected. He works daily to transmit his knowledge and passion to the next generations.

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