Akasha Signature Treatments

Akasha balances body, mind and soul, which in turn promotes health, human potential, happiness  and fulfilment while improving personal balance. Meeting premium standards of quality, Akasha Spa works with expert brands. The selection of treatments reflect the latest advances in well-being.


Massage Aromatherapy Experience - 60 minutes

Specialized massage drawn from the traditions of both East  and West to relieve stress and tension.

The treatment is based on therapeutic essential oils, designed to rebalance the body and mind.

Massage Akasha by Carita - 60 minutes

Inspired by ancient rituals, this relaxing massage focuses on the synergy between hot stones and a traditional hand massage. The resonance of the stones works with the therapist to create a sense of omnipresent energy for a soothing result.

Akasha by Carita helps improve circulation through a process  of mental and muscular relaxation, contributing to the balance  of body and mind.


Urban Detox by Cellcosmet - 90 minutes

This face treatment tones and firms skin tissues, provides a penetrating and hydrating effect to the skin and replumps tissues.

Its active ingredients are specifically designed to maximize the regeneration of the skin. Its detox and anti-pollution effect ensures the oxygenation needed by the skin to brave the urban environment.

Anti JetLag - 60 minutes

Long distance flights are physically and mentally exhausting. This treatment will help you recover from your trip and adapt to your new environment. Different energising techniques combined with specific essential oils will help you reset your body and mind to Parisian time.

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