At the heart of the Akasha Spa, meet our sports coaches. Each has its own specialty, and shall propose private sessions to club members and hotel guests, complementing the existing holistic offer.



Her signature disciplines ? Pilates and yoga, which she is still learning how to practice every day, shaping her state of mind.

A dish or a drink to recommend ? Green tea garnished with grated ginger and pressed lemon, a combination of detoxifying properties.  

A location in Paris ? The Champ-de-Mars which she particularly enjoys for her daily training. She also recommends the "Grand Boulevards" of the 7th district to a tourist looking for motivation.

Her motto ? « The art of wellness, provide ourselves with means of progressing everyday. »


His signature discipline ? Swimming, a sport that doesn’t cause any physical trauma and is an excellent exercise for the heart.

A dish or a drink to recommend ?  Carrot, apple and ginger organic Juice, his favorite beverage, available at the Akasha SPA.

A location in Paris ? The Champ-de Mars and Trocadéro are for Matthieu the most pleasant places to train while enjoying the beauty of the City of Lights.

His motto ? « The only limits are defined by our own imagination. », in line with his abundant energy and strong personality.



His signature disciplines ? The correction and postural wellness as well as daily meditation to fight stress and anxiety. A discipline that he discovered during his multiple travels, notably in India.

A dish or a drink to recommend ? Being above all attentive to your body and learn how to eat without excess or restriction. His fetish beverage : kombucha, for its precious help in reducing respiratory and asthmatic problems.

A location in Paris ? The inescapable Buttes-Chaumont Park, for an outdoor meditation session or a morning run.

His motto ? « Reconnect with your body to reach a sustainable outcome », fully coherent with his career track.


His signature discipline? Infatuated by fighting sports from a very young age, boxing is his signature discipline.

A dish or a drink to recommend ? For the coach, a large salad composed of vegetables, fruits and nuts is the perfect dish.

A location in Paris ? The Luxembourg Gardens, for its beauty and close proximity with the Hotel Lutetia.

His motto « Hard work dedication »

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