Paris is one of the world’s most romantic cities, and it has long attracted lovers as the ideal place to ask that all-important question.

The city is full of picturesque spots, but naturally you’ve got to find the one that fits you and your partner. We’ve picked some of the most beautiful and romantic places in Paris to inspire you, with options in mind for creating a grand gesture or a more intimate and memorable moment.  

Pont Alexander III

On (or near) Pont Alexander III around sunset is a beautifully romantic spot. The golden dome of Les Invalides glows in the light, mirroring the elegant golden Fames at each corner of the bridge, and the Eiffel Tower rises above the river behind Ponts Invalides. It can be one of the more public places to propose, but it’s a truly stunning backdrop. 


Jardins du Palais Royal

Somewhat hidden away behind the Louvre, the gardens of the Palais Royal are beautifully elegant and secluded. It’s the perfect setting for a more understated and intimate proposal, framed by colonnades, statues, and boxed hedges, away from the noise and bustle of the city.   


Sacré Coeur

It’s hard to find a more romantic view of Paris than from the steps up to the Sacre Coeur, and it’s long been a popular place for couples to sit and watch the sun go down over the city. It can get very busy with tourists during the day, so make the climb in the late evening or early morning for a more personal proposal above the softly glowing city. 


Pont de Bir-Hakeim

This beautiful bridge from Paris’s Belle Époque spans the Seine just beyond the Champ de Mars. It features a terrace on its central arch that offers a stunning view of the nearby Eiffel Tower. Time your moment perfectly after dark and the tower will sparkle to life (for ten minutes at the top of every hour) to create an unforgettably magical moment. 


Square René Viviani

For a summertime proposal, you can’t do much better than this intimate and romantic garden. In the warmer months the arched rose bushes become a profusion of red blooms, while Notre Dame features as a perfect backdrop across the river. It’s ideal for a more intimate but certainly no less romantic proposal.  


Le Jardin du Luxembourg

The beautiful gardens of Luxembourg Palace make the perfect location for a romantic proposal. The reflecting pools create a peaceful setting, and in the summer months you can enjoy the serenity of the garden in full bloom, whilst watching the little sail boats in the fountain.


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